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A Brave Bride's Calling to Love Again, by Ava Winters

When she looked at him for the first time, he was scared and unwilling to fall in love again. Now, how much should they risk to be together?

A Brave Bride's Calling to Love Again

Miranda’s life has been marked by tragedy. Widowed at a young age, she had to learn how fend for her son all alone and how to settle her husband’s debts. Therefore, she has been working her fingers to the bone as the saloon’s bartender. When she comes closer with the town’s new blacksmith, she feels her heart ready to explode with emotions. How will she trust this silent man with her son when she is still not sure how can she move forward?

Hanson hasn’t managed to get over his guilt for his wife’s death. Stoic and distant, he prefers keeping to himself even if he visits the saloon every afternoon for one glass of whiskey as a tribute to his late wife. Miranda and her son, however, will remind him that love, and dedication are the two values missing from his life. How can he listen to his heart’s needs and stay with this family, when he’s simply too scared to let go of the past?

Miranda and Hanson are two sides of the same coin. Their need to love again and create a family will guide them amidst all obstacles. How can they put aside the past and fight for their present happiness when their hearts still ache?

Caring for Her Wounded Rancher, by Ava Winters

Rescuing his wounded heart is the only way they can stay together. How can they overcome their past and create the family they deserve?

Caring for Her Wounded Rancher

Amelia is a caring girl who wants to work as a nurse. An unexpected fire in the new ranch in town, calls for her help. Nursing back to health the stoic rancher might be challenging at first, but Amelia is determined to help him find his memory again. She slowly falls for him and she can see how much he wants to become a better man. How will she stay by his side when his world seems to fall apart?

Jonathan is a distant rancher who has suffered a lot. Having to deal with his memory loss and burn scars, he feels out of place and time. His heart always beats faster when Amelia is around him and he cannot resist her determination to help him stand on his own feet again. A sudden turn of events though will jog his memory until he remembers that no one is safe in this town especially Amelia. How can he settle the score with the man who’s been chasing him without putting the woman he loves in harm’s way?

To protect their growing love and the town, Amelia and Jonathan should find a way to fight off Jonathan’s old rival. How can they do so when this man has come to ruin their newfound happiness?

The Scarred Rancher's Unforgettable, by Ava Winters

When she accepted to become a bride of convenience, she couldn’t imagine she had to fight for their lives! But is it worth it so to build a loving family with him?

The Scarred Rancher’s Unforgettable Bride

Sophie Fallon decides to become a mail-order bride as a promise to her now dead sister. She tries hard to keep up with the ranch and with her new husband, who seems to be more emotionally shut off than he would let her know when writing to her. She never really thought that loving a man would mean making so many step backs to let him come to her. How long until he sees her for the tender and loving wife she truly is?

Arthur Soul is a silent man who has been deprived of his family from a young age. The man who took away from him his family is still alive and well. Even if far away from his location, Arthur fears that his present with Sophie might be threatened now more than ever. Yet, Sophie’s determined ways are what unlock his heart to connection. How can he let himself fall for her when there is still someone who wishes to hurt them?

Running away is definitely not an option for Arthur and Sophie. To protect their growing love and the hope for a loving family, they have to take their stand against corruption and they have to triumph over it. But how will they do this when they have to first earn each other’s hearts?

His Promise to Protect Her

When dangerous times call for courageous acts, how will she keep the man she loves and her family safe?

His Promise to Protect Her

Agatha Montez is a resilient and strong-minded young woman who has lost her parents in an unexplained bandit raid. When the local Sheriff is murdered by the same bandits and her brother assumes his position, Agatha hires a famous bounty hunter to go after the people who seem to lurk around the city like predators. How will she keep her family and the man she has come to love safe when everything points to immediate danger?

Heath O’Malley, a strong and silent man, is a gun for hire. His tragic past accompanies him wherever he goes, and he has yet to finish another job to decide if and how he’ll settle for good this time. When he meets Agatha though, he realizes that to feel content, it takes more than just his will to get out of this life. How will he listen to his heart’s desire when he is always needed to draw a gun and take action?

The bandit attacks are a real, tangible threat. To get to the bottom of the issue, Agatha and Heath need to work together and protect the whole town. Loving each other means taking life-changing decisions to let go of their past—the kind that affects the shape of things to come.

Redeeming Their Treasured Love, by Ava Winters

They entered a treasure hunt for a monetary prize. How will they react when they realize the prize is redeeming love?

Redeeming Their Treasured Love

When the beautiful Clementine McClean saw her family dissolved by greed and illness at a young age, a retired US Marshal took her under his wing. Turning all her passion to administer justice and to save as many lives as possible, she became a bounty hunter. Can she save herself when she meets the only man who can challenge her identity?

When the brash and emotionally wounded Maverick Snow, returned from the Civil War, he only wanted to lose himself and forget his painful past. Participating in the largest Treasure Hunt Tournament in the Old West, he couldn’t predict that she would be the reason to find himself. But is he ready to face all his fears and replace them with love?

With so many armed players searching the area for clues, one wrong move is enough to escalate it into a life-threatening game. Now that Clementine and Maverick are forced to team up and leave their differences aside, can they stay alive, to win this game, and find love?

Is it possible to change your destiny? Can true love prevail while faced with danger? These three brides are set on finding out. Three of my best-selling Western Historical Romance stories in a single Collection!

Brave Western Brides

#1 The Rancher’s Unexpected Love

Samantha Loche is a strong and brave woman. She managed to escape the fire that killed her parents and now she is trying to start a new life. Jensen Reaves has always been a straight-laced, follow-the-rules kind of guy. When he found her hidden in his ranch he didn't know that his life would change forever. How will Samantha and Jensen's forbidden love survive?

#2 A Bounty on Their Scarred Hearts

Millie is a caring and fierce young woman. Losing her mother a year ago, she is left responsible for caring for her father who isn’t handling his loss very well. Luke Houston is an intelligent and decisive bounty hunter. Losing his parents at a young age, he mistakenly blames himself for not protecting them. How will Millie’s quiet strength break down this bounty hunter’s wall?

#3 A Stubborn Caring Bride for the Sheriff

Sannie is a dazzling woman with a sharp mind. Having spent the last years in a life she didn't choose, she decides she's had enough. Roy is a bold and blunt Sheriff. Having a tender heart that pounded for leaving behind the only woman he ever loved did him no good, so he decided to leave it in the past. When Roy saw Sannie after many years, they have a new chance to create a caring family. But someone from her past is about to attack them.

A Redeeming Love in the West

When she inherited a remote ranch, she wasn't expecting to find love and a new family there. Can she trust him now that their past keeps coming after them?

A Redeeming Love in the West

Having inherited her beloved uncle’s ranch in Nevada, Nelly agrees to the biggest challenge of her life, leaving behind London’s high society. But while she fights for her newly found freedom, facing all the difficulties to adjust in the Old West, an unexpected love is emerging. Will she learn to trust him and embrace her new life in the ranch?

Having a deep secret, Louis keeps to himself. This way, no one will ever get hurt again. But now that a new boss has arrived, Louis realizes that this is not an easy task. As they spend time together, he is faced with his greatest fear. How can he trust again while his past is still haunting him?

When a dispute about Nelly’s land blows out of proportion, Nelly and Louis will have to fight. Even if that means sacrificing what is most valuable to them. How can they save the land that they now call home and protect their love at the same time?

Healing the Rancher's Cold Heart

A tale as old as time. A Love as unique and unexpected as theirs. How long will they need to realize that true beauty lies within?

Healing the Rancher's Cold Heart

Sarah Langley is a kind-hearted beautiful woman that would do anything to protect her family and save their small farm. Even though she recently lost her beloved mother, Sarah insists on smiling and believing that better days will come. Despite her innocent character, as a new mail order bride she will soon find out that good people can do bad things. Like her new husband. Will she silence the echoes of his past and trust him?

Christopher Norris is a distant, wounded rancher. He wishes to live secluded and he made sure he had enough money to do that. Even though people fear and respect him, he never turns his back on anyone in need. Especially now that he needs to act upon his greatest and most feared desire, to create a truly loving family. Will he ever realize that there is an honest and loving person in the world, and he is married to her?

When the truth about Christopher’s past comes to light, he will have to open up to her. Sarah will have to face the ultimate test and trust her heart. How can Sarah and Christopher set everything aside and let their love grow?

Whispering Secrets in Kansas, by Ava Winters

A fearless heiress. Her mysterious driver. Their lives will be at risk. Will they be able to keep each other safe?

Whispering Secrets in Kansas

Tessa Richardson is a young heiress to her family’s big fortune. She expects to remain on top by being a hard-hearted businesswoman, so she keeps her true feelings to herself. She may look like a girl-next-door, but Tessa is regal in the way she carries herself. The only way to really get to know her is by riding next to her. As her new driver does. Will she let him get a true glimpse of her soul?

Raphael Rivera is different from all the previous drivers in the Richardson estate. He has elegant hands for a manual laborer and his shirts are always white and pressed, not quite what anyone would expect. A crooked smile that may be perceived as mocking and a friendly demeanor are part of his charm. A charm that has managed to keep him safe, until now. But how can he escape from his past that is finally catching up with him?

When the truth about Raphael comes to light, Tessa will also have to deal with the threats of her surroundings as everyone seems to want her out of the way. Now that they are both at risk, how can they keep each other safe and manage to finally live happily together?

Holding Their Unexpected Love Captive, by Ava Winters

A kidnapped young woman. A wounded cowboy. Two long-feuding families. Do they dare to give love a chance?

Holding Their Unexpected Love Captive

Aurora would rather spend her time in a library than her parents’ poker house. Being a shy and introvert person, sometimes she wishes she would be just like her mother.

Holt would rather let people think that he is hotheaded and a ladies’ man instead of knowing the truth. Being hurt and heartbroken is not something that he would like to be repeated in the future.

Being the heirs of the two major poker houses in Texas, Aurora and Holt grew up hating each other. Or so they say...

But as they both get kidnapped by a common enemy, it feels like serendipity happened so that they get to know each other. As much as they refuse to accept what is meant to be, their love grows strong.

Now, Holt will do anything to protect the love of his life. Aurora will do everything in her power to keep him safe. Is their parents attempt to reconcile the answer to their troubles or is their love destined to lose?

When Roy saw Sannie, he had a new chance to gain her forgiveness and a caring family. But someone from her past knows how to attack their most vulnerable emotions to set them apart.

A Stubborn Caring Bride for the Sheriff

Sannie is a dazzling woman with a sharp mind. Having spent the last years as a con artist, without even choosing so, she decides she's had enough. But Ivan, her threatening current partner in crime, is her last barrier to fulfill her lifelong dream of a loving family.

Roy is a bold and blunt Sheriff. Having a tender heart that pounded for leaving behind the only woman he ever loved did him no good, so he decided to leave it in the past. Now he longs for a peaceful and emotion-less life ... but everything changes when Sannie and Ivan come into his town.

Now well-hidden secrets, strong buried emotions, and two hearts that ache to reunite are ready to be unfolded.

Despite the fact, they are on opposing sides, and Ivan will do anything to keep them apart, Sannie and Roy will fight with all they have for a second chance in love.

How can Sannie and Roy overcame all obstacles find the forgiveness and the loving family they were looking for when the past threatens to repeat itself?

The Courageous Bride’s Unexpected Family, by Ava Winters

When Rosie showed up on Jeff’s doorstep, she never expected to find her lost love and a loving family in his home. How can she protect them, when a figure from their past is coming to take her away?

The Courageous Bride’s Unexpected Family

When the determined and beautiful Rosie Quin saw her one true love and savior leave their town, all her hope was lost. She was left alone at the saloon of the cruel Tobias Cox. When she could take his beatings no more, she ran away.

When the strong and kind Jeff Kiney lost his wife at childbirth, he thought his chance on love was lost too. Having difficulty in connecting with their little daughter, his only saviour is another mother figure.

When Rosie, his old love, turns up on Jeff’s doorstep seeking shelter, they find themselves attracted to each other.

Could Rosie be the blessing that Jeff was searching for and Jeff be the knight in shining armour that Rosie needed?

But now, Tobias comes after Rosie and Jeff for revenge, and it all comes down to one choice.

Will Rosie and Jeff defeat their demons from their past and finally be able to create a loving family, or will Tobias's fury tears down their hopes forever?

Switched Hearts, by Ava Winters

It was a simple switch. A trick. It was all fun and games until they both fell in love - with the wrong cowboys.

Switched Hearts

The fearless and beautiful Amanda Wright had always been against this arranged marriage her father wants to put her through. Especially with a man as quiet and calm as Ian McAdams. He could never keep up with her adventurous nature and wild spirit, and he wasn’t a man she could fall for.

So when she and her best friend, the lovely and charismatic Luisa Lopez, are sent to the McAdams estate, an idea pops in her mind.

Amanda and Luisa switch places!

As Luisa pretends to be Amanda, she finds herself falling for the kind and loyal Ian, while Amanda, pretending to be Luisa, falls for Ian's best friend, Stefan Turner.

He is everything she ever wanted, passionate and free, and all four of them seem to have found their place in the world - until their secret is exposed.

Now the Wright and the McAdams families have declared war on each other, Amanda and Luisa are torn from their true loves - and their future is now at stake.

Will they be able to win each other’s hearts back in the midst of the families' bad blood, or will this switch break all their hearts forever?

The Rancher's Unexpected Love, by Ava Winters

When he found her hidden in his ranch he didn't know that his life would change forever. How will Samantha and Jensen's forbidden love survive?

The Rancher’s Unexpected Love

Samantha Loche is a strong and brave woman. She managed to escape the fire that killed her parents and now she is trying to start a new life. Motivated by revenge, she wants the man responsible for this to pay.

Jensen Reaves has always been a straight-laced, follow-the-rules kind of guy. Being the first-born son to a wealthy ranching family, he is facing an arranged marriage but he longs for freedom.

Their seemingly unrelated paths will suddenly cross and change both their lives forever when one night Jensen finds scared Samantha hiding out in his barn.

As the two are closing in on the people responsible for Samantha's tragedy, they will reveal an unimaginable scheme that may tear them apart or unite them forever.

Caught between love and duty, can a romance so pure resist to burst in flames?

The Salvation of Claire Hernandez, by Ava Winters

This female bounty hunter is the Deputy Sheriff's only solution, for crimes and love!

The Salvation of Claire Hernandez

Everyone expected that the famous bounty hunter, C.A. Hernandez was a man. But when the tough and beautiful Claire Hernandez walked into the sheriff's office answering the ad calling out for the bounty hunter's help, she was met by ultimate surprise.

Nicolas Miller, a smart British man, is now a Deputy Sheriff, leaving his bounty hunter past behind to make his fortune. But when a series of murders, got out of his hands, calling out for C.A. Hernandez was the only solution...

Nicolas is quickly intrigued by Claire’s independent character and although she can't deny that she's drawn to him, her big secret could jeopardize everything and everyone.

As the two are now closing in on the killer, their unexpected love will be threatened by the dark secrets behind the murders - and the one person they never thought would be the accomplice.

But, like as in the murders, things aren’t what they seem. When their lives will be hanging by a thread, will true love be enough to keep them safe?

His Blessing in Disguise, by Ava Winters

An emotion-packed romantic story for an escaped bride ⎯ Where a Deputy’s grief is fighting for redemption and an outlaw is seeking revenge!

His Blessing in Disguise

Layla McCarthy for a long time thought that all she was, all she is and all that she will ever be, was the wife of an outlaw, Jacob. Until she decided to run away.

Deputy Peter Jones for a long time thought that the only woman he would ever love was gone forever. Until he saw Layla riding into Richstone as fiercely as she walked into his heart.

He couldn't resist helping her when she needed it, offering her a home to stay and a job at his saloon. And she couldn't help but fall for his kindness and strength.

But when her husband arrives in the small town with his whole crew, claiming to be doing business and wanting her back, their new-found happiness will be on the line - and eventually, Layla's very own life.

It will be then that Peter will find out that it wasn't just Layla that needed saving, but him as well.

A Bounty on Their Scarred Hearts, by Ava Winters

"He joined her on the porch, wanting to kiss her upturned face as she smiled warmly at him. Is this what it would feel like to come home to her in the evenings?"

A Bounty on Their Scarred Hearts

When Luke Houston, a rough bounty hunter, rides into Haven Ridge, following the trail of a notorious outlaw, he wasn't expecting to face death in this small town in Colorado.

There he will meet the strong-willed and fierce Millie Thomas, a woman whose troubled father is accused of a murder he didn't commit.

As both fight demons from their pasts, they will find themselves coming closer to one another, and they will struggle to uncover the truth before the next murder hits the town.

When they confront the mayor of Haven Ridge, Deacon Owens, they don't know his plan is almost completed, and they are players in someone else's game.

And when the future of the whole town is at stake, will they be able to expose mayor Owens before he gets to them?

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