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His Blessing in Disguise, by Ava Winters

An emotion-packed romantic story for an escaped bride ⎯ Where a Deputy’s grief is fighting for redemption and an outlaw is seeking revenge!

His Blessing in Disguise

Layla McCarthy for a long time thought that all she was, all she is and all that she will ever be, was the wife of an outlaw, Jacob. Until she decided to run away.

Deputy Peter Jones for a long time thought that the only woman he would ever love was gone forever. Until he saw Layla riding into Richstone as fiercely as she walked into his heart.

He couldn't resist helping her when she needed it, offering her a home to stay and a job at his saloon. And she couldn't help but fall for his kindness and strength.

But when her husband arrives in the small town with his whole crew, claiming to be doing business and wanting her back, their new-found happiness will be on the line - and eventually, Layla's very own life.

It will be then that Peter will find out that it wasn't just Layla that needed saving, but him as well.

A Bounty on Their Scarred Hearts, by Ava Winters

"He joined her on the porch, wanting to kiss her upturned face as she smiled warmly at him. Is this what it would feel like to come home to her in the evenings?"

A Bounty on Their Scarred Hearts

When Luke Houston, a rough bounty hunter, rides into Haven Ridge, following the trail of a notorious outlaw, he wasn't expecting to face death in this small town in Colorado.

There he will meet the strong-willed and fierce Millie Thomas, a woman whose troubled father is accused of a murder he didn't commit.

As both fight demons from their pasts, they will find themselves coming closer to one another, and they will struggle to uncover the truth before the next murder hits the town.

When they confront the mayor of Haven Ridge, Deacon Owens, they don't know his plan is almost completed, and they are players in someone else's game.

And when the future of the whole town is at stake, will they be able to expose mayor Owens before he gets to them?

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