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“Here is a lifelong bookworm, a devoted teacher and a mother of two boys. I also make mean sandwiches.”

If someone wanted to describe me in one sentence, that would be it. There has never been a greater joy in my life than spending time with children and seeing them grow up - all of my children, including the 23 little 9-year-olds that I currently teach. And I have not known such bliss than that of reading a good book.

As a Western Historical Romance writer, my passion has always been reading and writing romance novels. The historical part came after my studies as a teacher - I was mesmerized by the stories I heard, so much that I wanted to visit every place I learned about. And so I did, finding the love of my life along the way as I walked the paths of my characters.

Now, I’m a full-time elementary school teacher, a full-time mother of two wonderful boys and a full-time writer. Wondering how I manage all of them? I did, too, at first, but then I realized it’s because everything I do I love and I have the chance to share it with all of you.

And I would love to see you again in this small adventure of mine!

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