The Cowboys' Wounded Lady, by Ava Winters

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180 pages - 30.000 words
(with happy ending)

FREE: A Clean Western Romance Novella!

Maria Butler’s world turned upside down when both her parents died in a raid at her family’s ranch.

Growing up with two boys, Ben Sanchez, a young and charming cowboy, and Alexander Ward, his hard-working and quieter foster brother, proved to be quite a challenge - especially when they both want a place in her heart.

But when Alexander is kidnapped by the leader of an Indian tribe, Maria will rush on a dangerous mission to save him - but she won’t expect to find such dark secrets and mischief behind Alexander’s abduction.

Will Maria find and save him in time - and will this journey be the key to unlocking her true feelings?

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Caring for Her Wounded Rancher, by Ava Winters

Caring for Her Wounded Rancher

Rescuing his wounded heart is the only way they can stay together. How can they overcome their past and create the family they deserve?

Amelia is a caring girl who wants to work as a nurse. An unexpected fire in the new ranch in town, calls for her help. Nursing back to health the stoic rancher might be challenging at first, but Amelia is determined to help him find his memory again. She slowly falls for him and she can see how much he wants to become a better man. How will she stay by his side when his world seems to fall apart?

Jonathan is a distant rancher who has suffered a lot. Having to deal with his memory loss and burn scars, he feels out of place and time. His heart always beats faster when Amelia is around him and he cannot resist her determination to help him stand on his own feet again. A sudden turn of events though will jog his memory until he remembers that no one is safe in this town especially Amelia. How can he settle the score with the man who’s been chasing him without putting the woman he loves in harm’s way?

To protect their growing love and the town, Amelia and Jonathan should find a way to fight off Jonathan’s old rival. How can they do so when this man has come to ruin their newfound happiness?

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