The Cowboys' Wounded Lady, by Ava Winters

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180 pages - 30.000 words
(with happy ending)

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Maria Butler’s world turned upside down when both her parents died in a raid at her family’s ranch.

Growing up with two boys, Ben Sanchez, a young and charming cowboy, and Alexander Ward, his hard-working and quieter foster brother, proved to be quite a challenge - especially when they both want a place in her heart.

But when Alexander is kidnapped by the leader of an Indian tribe, Maria will rush on a dangerous mission to save him - but she won’t expect to find such dark secrets and mischief behind Alexander’s abduction.

Will Maria find and save him in time - and will this journey be the key to unlocking her true feelings?

Latest Release

An Unlikely Family to Heal His Heart

An Unlikely Family to Heal His Heart

She’s a purposeless widow and he’s a hopeless rancher. Will they find love and create their own family amidst danger?

Lauren is a brave widow who has been hit by tragedy countless times. Now she has no other choice but to respond to a mail-order bride ad. Despite her hesitance, traveling West is their only means of survival. But, Lauren willingly hides the fact that she has a son. How can her heart be healed in this ranch in Texas, and how will her newly found husband react?

Robert is a withdrawn rancher living alone after his wife and child’s death. He doesn’t need romance or another family. He dwells on his past but decides to place an ad for a woman to just help him out. Even if Lauren hid her son from him, he grows fond of the young boy and of a woman’s presence in the house. How can he let go of his painful past, fall in love and look forward to the future?

Family sometimes is created from the love we are willing to offer and not by blood. When a man who wants nothing more than to steal their happiness arrives, how will they find the love they deserve?

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