The Cowboys' Wounded Lady, by Ava Winters

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180 pages - 30.000 words
(with happy ending)

FREE: A Clean Western Romance Novella!

Maria Butler’s world turned upside down when both her parents died in a raid at her family’s ranch.

Growing up with two boys, Ben Sanchez, a young and charming cowboy, and Alexander Ward, his hard-working and quieter foster brother, proved to be quite a challenge - especially when they both want a place in her heart.

But when Alexander is kidnapped by the leader of an Indian tribe, Maria will rush on a dangerous mission to save him - but she won’t expect to find such dark secrets and mischief behind Alexander’s abduction.

Will Maria find and save him in time - and will this journey be the key to unlocking her true feelings?

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The Courageous Bride’s Unexpected Family, by Ava Winters - Just Released

The Courageous Bride’s Unexpected Family

When Rosie showed up on Jeff’s doorstep, she never expected to find her lost love and a loving family in his home. How can she protect them, when a figure from their past is coming to take her away?

When the determined and beautiful Rosie Quin saw her one true love and savior leave their town, all her hope was lost. She was left alone at the saloon of the cruel Tobias Cox. When she could take his beatings no more, she ran away.

When the strong and kind Jeff Kiney lost his wife at childbirth, he thought his chance on love was lost too. Having difficulty in connecting with their little daughter, his only saviour is another mother figure.

When Rosie, his old love, turns up on Jeff’s doorstep seeking shelter, they find themselves attracted to each other.

Could Rosie be the blessing that Jeff was searching for and Jeff be the knight in shining armour that Rosie needed?

But now, Tobias comes after Rosie and Jeff for revenge, and it all comes down to one choice.

Will Rosie and Jeff defeat their demons from their past and finally be able to create a loving family, or will Tobias's fury tears down their hopes forever?

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